Welcome to the H & H Physical and Personal Security Company GmbH

Quality spells our future

H & H renders integral services in a highly sensitive area

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We seek to maintain our level of standard and constantly strive to improve and adapt our standards to meet our customer’s growing expectations. Thus over the past 25 years H&H has established a reputation as your dependable strong partner.


Our services include:

  • Physical Security and Site Protection
  • Personal Security
  • Event Venue Protection
  • Reception Desk Services
  • Investigations



H&H and Top Quality Services - a success since 1993, we take pride in our work!

  • Our system is adaptable.
  • Our quality assurance standards are obligatory for all business units.
  • Our executives supervise its proper implementation.

Your security is our concern, 24/7!

For more information, please give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!


Quality by Experience

Many of our employees are professionals with years of experience serving in the military or police forces.


Occupational safety is a top priority at H&H – represented by our occupational safety engineer


A company certificated by IHK to take on trainees since 2002.


H & H - Your No.1 contact when it comes to safety.